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In harmony with the philosophy of Kaizen

The qualifications of our employees guarantee unprecedented effects of our Internet marketing services. Every day and at every step, we operate according to the philosophy of Kaizen, i.e. we continuously improve the quality of our services and customer service process in order to provide maximally effective solutions in the scope of::

カイゼン Kaizen – the Japanese business philosophy based on constant progress and improvement of the management and production process at each level.


Become visible to your Customers thanks to the SEO360® service. We will develop the entire optimization, positioning and link building strategy on the plan of a harmonious Japanese mandala 曼荼羅 in order to improve your website and increase website traffic.

Performance marketing

Thanks to our Performance Marketing offer, you can start impacting the decisions, behaviors and habits of Internet users. Let your brand become appealing and enjoy the hanami お花見 of constantly increasing clickthrough results and sales!

Social marketing

Remain close to your recipients and concentrate on thoughtful communication adjusted to their needs. We will run your Social Media profiles as befits the real Takumi 匠, guaranteeing efficiency and originality at all times!

Social Ads

Remain close to your recipients and concentrate on thoughtful communication adjusted to their needs. We will run your Social Media profiles as befits the real Takumi 匠, guaranteeing efficiency and originality at all times!


Become inventive with the original and unique content, as juicy as ripe Japanese cherries and as effective as a samurai (サムライ) sword during the fight. We will create the greatest content on the Internet for you, thanks to which your brand will stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Online Reputation Management

Do not forget that the opinion of Internet users is valuable and precious even more than the antique vase from the Meiji 明治 period. We will help you master any image crisis or prevent similar situations in the future, constantly monitoring and checking your online reputation.

Consulting and audits

We will verify whether your website is operating properly and how efficient your advertising campaigns are. Additionally, we will augment your knowledge with information concerning the competition’s activities. As quick as a samurai (サムライ), you will always be a pacesetter in your field!

Our process

Inspired by
the mastery of Takumi

Similarly to the Takumi masters, we believe that remaining maximally committed to our work makes it possible for us to achieve unmatched perfection of the solutions delivered to you. We approach each project individually and passionately, while all our specialists boast impressive knowledge and are able to use their skills to an uttermost extent.

匠 Takumi - the highest class of exceptional craftsmen

Our case study

We have already earned the trust of hundreds of Customers, which is why we take pride and pleasure in the results of our cooperation. Familiarise yourself with our extensive case studies which evoke a great hanami 花 見 in each and every one of us! See what we have already accomplished!

Verizon Connect

VERIZON CONNECT belongs to the group VERIZON, which is the largest teleoperator in the USA. Currently, VERIZON is the fastest growing company in the GPS monitoring industry.


akwarystyczny24® is a leader among online aquaristic stores, specializing in the retail sale of aquarium accessories in Poland and Europe.


It is a dynamically developing developer operating on the Tri-City market, building and selling residential and commercial real estate

Dom moich marzeń

Dom Moich Marzeń is a local developer with many years of experience in the construction of houses and apartments

Hanza Hotel

Hanza Hotel is one of the most popular and the most prestigious hotels in the Tri-City


Fontanot is an Italian manufacturer of modern stairs, selling its products all over the world


Badura is a company with a rich background which has been active on the market since 1982. is the leader among footwear stores


It is a dynamically developing specialized retail network offering IT and household appliances

Morizon S.A. is the leading real estate search engine in Poland market

Sunrise Festival

Sunrise Festival is the largest electronic music festival in Poland


INVICTA Medical Clinics and Laboratories

Prima Power

Prima Power is a global leader in sheet metal technology

Solaris Bus & Coach

Solaris Bus & Coach is one of the leading European manufacturers of modern urban, interurban and tourist buses including hybrid vehicles


Balticon S.A. is a company that has been operating on the Polish market since 1991


Get Response is a dynamically developing company offering high-class solutions for online marketers

Scandinavian Express

For more than 20 years, Scandinavian Express has been specialising in LTL and FTL as well as oversized cargo

Our Team

can do

A strong and competent team of the best Internet marketing Takumi 匠 constitutes a powerful foundation of SEOgroup. Get to know us closer and find out that we are just like yin and yang 陰陽 – each of us is different, yet we complement one another in various aspects, which is demonstrated in the astounding effects of our work!

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