Do positioning and SEO actions mean the same thing?

SEO and positioning are terms that have been circulating in the world of marketing concepts for many years. Sometimes they are used interchangeably and as synonyms. In today’s article, we will attempt to answer the question whether positioning and SEO represent the same concepts.


At the beginning, let us talk about the general definitions of these terms:

In brief, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strictly concerns optimising websites for search engines. These activities are undertaken in order to achieve qualitative traffic and increase visibility aimed at acquiring potential Customers. This results from the fact SEO is closely related to on-site activities, i.e. technical and useful aspects of the website (improving the code or design/layout, navigation, internal linking, loading speed, etc.) as well as content present on the website.

SEO as explained by Google.


Positioning is a term coined in Polish marketing, defining a range of actions performed for the purpose of increasing organic traffic (free traffic from search engines) on the website. Positioning includes website optimisation, acquisition of links (through Content Marketing, Whisper Marketing, etc.) or online analytics.

SEO is a part of positioning

Both terms refer to search results and the website’s ranking in search engines. Although they share a common goal, different types of actions are included within their scopes. It can be stated without a doubt that SEO constitutes a part of positioning

As the opinions regarding this issue are still divided, many specialists would not agree with such an approach. Perhaps the reason for treating SEO and positioning as synonymous terms is because of the same goal of achieving a high and stable position in the search results, shared by both of these concepts.

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