Organic traffic

Organic traffic is defined as all hits to a website, which are generated from free search results showing up in search engines for user queries.

As analyses of Internet user behaviour show, the vast majority of users visit only those websites that are on the first page, i.e. in the top ten of all results. It is for this reason that the fight for the highest possible positions is so fierce.

A strategy aimed at increasing organic traffic must include constant vigilance over on-site and off-site optimisation of the website. In Poland, as in most countries around the world, the most popular search engine is Google, which is the choice of internet users in just over 96% of cases. It is for this reason that most activities are carried out with the algorithms of this giant in mind and the rules by which it operates.

Other search engines used by Polish users are: Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Interia. These are generators of incomparably less free traffic than that obtained through Google, so optimising for them is not a priority in Polish conditions.

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