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How much does Google Ads cost? – 14 factors!

In one sentence, it can be said that Google Ads advertising on a monthly basis involves costs ranging from several hundred to several thousand PLN. In order to fine-tune this amount, there are 14 key factors to consider, which we discuss in today’s article. We encourage you to read it! What does the Google Ads […]

Google Ads Agency – what is it and what does it do?

Successfully advertising a service company or e-commerce shop in paid search results is quite a challenge – even for professionals who have been in the industry for several years. Doing it yourself can be considerably more expensive and less effective compared to setting up campaigns by professionals. If you are looking for the right entity […]

The shopping funnel – why should it be taken care of?

One of the key tools to help achieve business success in almost any sector (including e-commerce) is the purchase funnel. This marketing concept plays a vital role in turning potential customers into loyal and determined buyers. The value of a strategy based on the purchase funnel is invaluable. With its help, your business can accurately […]

Performance Marketing Agency – what does it do?

Do you want to know what a performance marketing agency does and what role it plays in the modern world of digitisation in the broadest sense? Then read this article – you will also learn about the services provided by such entities and examples of their activities based on B2B, and e-commerce companies! We encourage […]

Why don’t Google Ads work? The most common mistakes

Google Ads is a great way to advertise online, but the mistakes you can make when using this system can dramatically reduce the profitability of your efforts. Want to find out what to avoid and how to protect yourself against mistakes? Be sure to read our guide. Google itself advertises its system with the slogan […]

How much does an online shop cost?

Setting up an online shop is not only a convenient way of doing business online, but also an excellent way of increasing your sales reach and reaching a wider audience. One of the most frequent questions asked by entrepreneurs who want to operate in this sector is the exact price of a comprehensive website creation. […]

Google Ads remarketing – how does it work and how to use it?

The purchasing decision-making process for customers is usually long and complex. Users often compare product prices on different portals, check available shipping methods, look for discount codes and consult purchases with others before making a final decision. So in this article, you will find out what to do to reach users who have already taken […]