Google Analytics is another free tool from the creators of a major player in the search engine market. As the name of the service suggests, it offers the possibility of conducting web analytics, without which it is difficult to speak of a measurable evaluation of the effectiveness of the activities carried out. This applies to both purely marketing and optimisation activities.

In order to benefit from all the advantages offered by Google Analytics, you need to:

  • create a Google account, under which the analytics service will be connected;
  • register with Analytics;
  • download the tracking code and implement it in the source code of each sub-page within the website.

Once a website is connected to the tool, its owner has access to such data as the number of users, their demographics (e.g. age structure), the devices used by recipients and the sources of page views. There are many more parameters that can be viewed. For this reason, Google Analytics is an essential tool for webmasters and marketers.

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