Nowadays, in order to succeed in running an online business, it is necessary to make skilful use of online tools such as advertising campaigns. One of the most effective ways to gain new customers is a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign, which allows you to display your ad in Google’s search results.

What is a PPC campaign?

A PPC campaign relies on the advertiser paying only for a click on their ad, i.e. each time a visitor goes to their website. In this model, there is no charge for ad impressions, only for the actual click on the ad. PPC campaigns are used on search engines such as Google, where ads appear at the top and bottom of search results.

How does a PPC campaign on Google work?

To run a PPC campaign on Google, you first need to create an account on the Google Ads platform. Next, you need to select the keywords you want your ad to run on. Keywords are phrases that users type into a search engine that are relevant to the product or service being advertised.

The next step is to create an ad to be displayed in Google’s search results. The ad can consist of a headline, text and a link to a website. It is worth ensuring that the ad is attractive and encourages users to click.

Once the ad has been created, the campaign budget must be set. The budget determines the maximum amount an advertiser is able to spend on a PPC campaign. Once the limit is reached, the display of ads is stopped.

Once the campaign is running, the ads will be displayed in Google’s search results for the selected keywords. The advertiser only pays for clicks on the ad. The more popular the keyword, the higher the price per click is likely to be.

Here are some tips to help you create an effective PPC campaign on Google:

  1. Choose keywords that are relevant to your business

Keywords are a key part of a PPC campaign. Well-chosen keywords are essential for your ad to reach the right audience. To choose the right keywords, you need to carry out keyword research and an analysis of the market in which your business operates. It is advisable to choose keywords that are relevant to the products or services you offer.

  1. Create attractive advertisements

Ads should be attractive and inviting so that users are willing to click on them. Ads should be concise and eye-catching, and clearly communicate the products or services you offer. Remember to include the unique features of your product or service in the ad.

  1. Set the right CPC

The CPC (cost per click) is the amount an advertiser pays for each click on an ad. It is a good idea to set the right CPC, which will allow your PPC campaign to achieve results while staying within budget. Remember that keywords with higher popularity require higher CPC rates.

  1. Monitor and optimise your campaign

Monitoring and optimising your PPC campaign is essential to get the best results. By regularly monitoring your campaign, you can see which keywords are most effective, as well as which ads are attracting the most attention. Based on this information, you can make changes and optimise your campaign for better results.


A PPC campaign on Google is an effective marketing tool to reach new customers and increase online sales. To achieve a successful PPC campaign, you need to choose relevant keywords, create attractive ads, set the right CPC and regularly monitor and optimise your campaign. In this way, you can achieve the desired results and increase the profits of your online business.

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