Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly: Adwords) is one of the most popular PPC programmes aimed at advertisers. The service of displaying adverts on the world’s most popular search engine and its advertising network allows you to reach potential customers in a precise manner. The selection of relevant keywords, after which the ads are displayed, guarantees a higher probability of conversion by the user than in the case of untargeted campaigns

Using the Google Ads panel, however, you can not only create your own advertising campaigns, but also manage all the issues that relate to them. The service gives you access to, among other things:

  • the ad wizard,
  • advanced campaign and ad settings,
  • deciding on budgets,
  • keyword planner,
  • minimalistic preview of competitors’ paid advertising activities,
  • creation of reports.

Not only does the tool allow you to increase traffic and acquire new customers, but it can also be an action to help build your brand image online.

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