A keyword is a single word or a combination of several words describing a given topic or issue. Phrases of this type may therefore take various forms – from completely simple and general forms (e.g. “positioning”) to very specific queries (e.g. “positioning and optimisation of websites in Gdynia”). The second case is an example of keywords that are included in the so-called long tail.

It is important to realise that, in most cases, general words are extremely competitive, so appearing in the top search results requires a huge amount of work, time and money. Long tail phrases will certainly be simpler to ‘handle’ and may result in more conversions, but at the same time they do not hide as much potential in traffic generation.

The right choice of keywords is the absolute basis of any marketing strategy conducted via the Internet. When deciding on actions that take into account specific phrases, these are the ones on which you should focus most of your attention. They are most often included not only in the texts of landing pages, but also in publications on external portals, which are one of the basic methods of link building.

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