Merchant Center

Merchant Center is another service from Google that provides a new way to make your shop stand out in search results, more specifically in a panel called Google Shopping. With the help of the tool, it is possible to create advertisements for specific products, which are displayed in pictorial form at the very top of search engine pages.

In order to be able to display your creatives in such an optimal position, it is necessary to combine your Google services: Merchant Center, Ads and Analytics. The use of the tool itself is extremely simple and is based primarily on uploading files to Google that contain all the necessary data of the products to be advertised. The benefits of using the Merchant Center service are primarily an increase in the number of conversions while reducing unnecessary expenditure on advertising. As analyses show, advertising products using this tool is currently one of the most effective forms of promotion for online shops.

How does Google Merchant Center work?

To use Google Merchant Center, a business must first create an account on the service and then add its products using a CSV, XML or API file. Each product must include information such as name, description, image, price and stock. Once the products are added, Google verifies that they are correct and comply with the guidelines. If everything is in order, the products appear in Google Shopping, where customers can find and buy them.

Benefits of using Google Merchant Center

Using Google Merchant Center brings many benefits to businesses. First and foremost, it enables you to reach more potential customers who are searching for a product on Google. In addition, with Google Merchant Center, companies can compete more effectively with other companies that sell the same products. In Google Shopping, products are presented in an attractive and clear way, which increases their chances of selling.

Google Merchant Center also enables the monitoring of the results of advertising campaigns, which allows companies to adapt their activities to the needs of their customers and increase the effectiveness of their ads.


Google Merchant Center is a tool created by Google that allows businesses to add their products to Google Shopping. This makes it easier for customers to find and buy products, and allows businesses to increase their sales and reach more potential customers.

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