Thedescriptor tag is one of the three meta tags (along with the titile) that are designed to provide basic information about a site. The tag is used to present a description of the displayed page to the search engine, so its content is usually limited. Although the content of the description tag does not affect the indexing of the page, it greatly influences the behaviour of users browsing the search results. In many cases, it is the appropriate description of the site that influences the decision to click on a selected link.

The description tag is an attribute contained in the <head> section of an HTML page that provides a brief description of the content of the page. Its main purpose is to inform users about the topic of the page, which can encourage them to click through to the search results.

How do you create compelling descriptions?

Here are some tips for creating eye-catching descriptions:

  1. Be specific: The description should clearly express the theme of the page and be unique to each subpage.
  2. Limit the length: The ideal length of a description is 150-160 characters. Longer descriptions may be clipped by search engines.
  3. Use keywords: Include keywords that are relevant to your site and are frequently searched for by users.
  4. Encourage clicks: Use language that encourages users to click on the search result.
  5. Avoid duplicates: Make sure each description tag on your site is unique to avoid display issues in search results.

The role of tag description in SEO

Tag description plays an important role in SEO because:

  • It increases CTR (Click-Through Rate): An attractive description can encourage users to click on your search result, resulting in a higher CTR.
  • Influences the image of the website: A quality description can build the image of a professional and valuable website.
  • Helps search engines understand the content of the page: Including relevant keywords in the description can make it easier for search engines to understand the topic of the page.

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