Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a service from Google that allows you to search for products and compare their prices in different online shops. In this article, we will discuss what exactly Google Shopping is, how it works and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a product search engine that allows users to browse the offers of different online shops and compare prices. The user can enter the name of a product and Google will display a list of shops that sell that product and their prices. The search engine is available both on the Google website and in a separate app.

How does Google Shopping work?

In order for a shop to display its products in Google Shopping, it must first create an account in Google Merchant Center. The shop must then add information about its products, such as name, description, photo and price, to its Merchant Center account. Google uses this information to display the shop’s products in Google Shopping.

Advantages of Google Shopping

Google Shopping has many advantages for both users and online shops. For users, the biggest advantage is the ease of searching for products and the ability to compare prices across shops. This makes it possible to find the best deals and save money. For online shops, Google Shopping is an excellent way to reach new customers and increase sales. The search engine allows shops to present their products in a more attractive way and easier for users to find.

Disadvantages of Google Shopping

Despite its many advantages, Google Shopping also has some disadvantages. First of all, not all online shops are available on Google Shopping. Some shops do not have a Merchant Center account or do not meet the requirements for their products to be displayed in the search engine. In addition, some shops may manipulate the prices of their products to make them look more attractive in Google Shopping, which may confuse users.

How do I use Google Shopping?

To use Google Shopping, the user needs to enter the product name in Google Search. In the search results, the user will see a ‘Shopping’ (or ‘Shopping’ for some languages) section. This section will display products from various online shops that match the phrase entered. The user can compare prices and select the best offer. In some cases, for example for grocery or pharmacy products, Google Shopping can also display information about the availability of the product in local stationary shops.

Is it safe to use Google Shopping?

Google Shopping works on a search engine basis, which means that it does not sell or supply products. All transactions are made directly between the user and the online shop. Therefore, as with online shopping at other online shops, it is important to use secure websites and only shop at trusted shops.


Google Shopping is a service that facilitates online shopping by allowing users to search for products and compare their prices across different online shops. This allows you to find the best deals and save money. For online shops, Google Shopping is a great way to increase sales and reach new customers. Despite some drawbacks, Google Shopping is one of the most popular online shopping tools and can be a convenient way for many people to shop.

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