Anchor text

Anchor text occurs in the body of the link description and is commonly referred to as anchor text or simply anchor. It is an important parameter for search engines, which like to use it to determine the position of a landing page. According to current knowledge, care should be taken to ensure a variety of anchor texts leading to a site. As a standard, however, their content should relate to the subject of the content at the final URL.

An example anchor text could take the following form:

Anchor Text

Anchor texts are not, however, only used when linking to external portals. It should be mentioned that the use of anchor texts containing keywords is a popular method used for optimising the internal linking of a website.

Types of anchor text

There are different types of anchor text that can affect a website’s positioning in search results. Here are some of them:

  1. Natural anch or text – this is text that is used naturally and reflects the content of the linked page. Natural anchor text is usually very effective for improving a page’s SEO.
  2. Keyword-rich anch or text – this is anchor text that contains the keywords that a page wants to be positioned for. Keyword-rich anchor text can increase the chances of improving a page’s SEO, but its excessive use can harm a page and cause it to be considered spammy.
  3. Missing anchor text – this is when the link is in the form of an image or logo and there is no highlighted text that leads to another website. In such a situation, search engines have no information about what is on the target page.

Impact of anchor text on SEO

Anchor text has an impact on the positioning of a page in search results because search engines use it to determine what the linked page is about. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the anchor text is well chosen and reflects the content of the linked page.

It is important not to overuse keyword-rich anchor text, as this may result in the page being considered spammy and receiving a penalty from the search engine. It is also worth avoiding the use of identical anchor text in all links leading to a particular page, as this can look artificial and also be considered spam.

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