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Google Tag Manager is another service from the creators of the king of search engines that supports optimisation and e-marketing activities. It can be said that the tool is a kind of link between one data source (a website or mobile app) and another (Google Analytics). Tag Manager allows detailed tracking of user interaction with a product (e.g. a website) in a way that does not require interference with the website code.

However, basic knowledge of HTML is required to install the service. However, the process is not complicated and is limited to a simple modification of the application or portal code. When setting up the tool, remnants of the Google Analytics script – if present – must also be removed.

The operation of Tag Manager is based on several elements: tags, rules and variables. The first are small pieces of code, belonging to external services (e.g. Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel). They define what the Tag Manager actually has to do when a user performs an action defined in a rule. Variables, on the other hand, are additional information that may be necessary for the tool to function properly.

How can this service help in marketing activities? Tag Manager allows you to record and track activities such as:

  • visiting a specific page,
  • a click on a link, an e-mail address or telephone number,
  • downloading a file,
  • interaction with a specific element on a page.

There is no doubt that this type of data can be an indicator of the effectiveness of the activities carried out.

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