Structural data

Structured data (also referred to as rich snippets) are code snippets that are inserted into web pages to make them stand out in search results. For a user searching for any keyword, this data is displayed as additional information below the title and above the site description.

Pages displayed in this way can be enriched with messages such as the average rating of a product, its price, availability and, if we are talking about food, preparation time. However, implementing structured data is not only a good idea for online shops. It can be just as good an idea to introduce them into the structure of non-e-commerce sites or those that provide recipes.

Why opt for rich snippets is a good idea? As it turns out, this type of additional information effectively distinguishes a portal in a search engine and, consequently, increases the CTR. As the creators of Google’s algorithms suggest, structured data can have an impact on a page’s position in search results in the future.

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