Google Display Network is an advertising network that allows advertisers to publish paid promotional content on sites that participate in the Google Adsense programme. It is estimated that the number of sites displaying ads on the GDN currently exceeds 2 million. This makes it possible to reach a really broad audience by choosing to place your ads through Google.

Advertising on this ad network has several advantages. Firstly, advertisements can be targeted at specific groups. This is thanks to the possibility of specific targeting:

  • on key phrases,
  • on destinations (users accessing specific websites),
  • by page themes or interests,
  • demographic.

Another advantage of the GDN is the availability of various ad formats in which the advertiser can freely choose. We are primarily talking about content in the form of:

  • graphic banners,
  • advertising texts,
  • video.

How does the Google Display Network work?

The Google Display Network consists of millions of websites, mobile apps, videos and other places on the internet where entrepreneurs can display their ads. In order to use the GDN, entrepreneurs need to create an advertising campaign in Google Ads and select the Google Display Network as the place to display their ads.

When creating an advertising campaign in the GDN, entrepreneurs can choose different types of ads, such as image ads, video ads, text ads and dynamic ads. They can also specify in which context they want the adverts to appear, for example on pages related to specific keywords.

Advantages of using the Google Display Network

  1. Large reach – Google Display Network has millions of partners and sites, allowing businesses to reach a large number of potential customers worldwide.
  2. Variety of advertising formats – The GDN offers many different advertising formats, such as image ads, text ads and video ads, allowing entrepreneurs to choose the best way to present their brand.
  3. Precise targeting – Google Display Network allows for precise ad targeting, which means that businesses can select target groups based on their online behaviour and preferences.
  4. Effective remarketing – The GDN also offers the possibility of remarketing, i.e. re-targeting people who have already visited the trader’s website. This feature allows for increased advertising effectiveness and conversions.
  5. Greater control over advertising budgets – Google Ads allows entrepreneurs to control their ad spend and determine the maximum cost per click (CPC) or display (CPM) of an ad.


Google Display Network is an effective advertising tool that enables entrepreneurs to reach a wide target group online. Thanks to a large number of partner sites, a variety of formats

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