Google Discover

Google Discover is a web service offered by Google that allows users to search the web for content that may be of interest to them. The service uses algorithms to determine what content is most relevant to a given user and then displays it as a card on the Google homepage. Google Discover works on a ‘what you’re looking for’ basis. This means that Google’s algorithms use a user’s search history, location information, and Google account settings to determine which content is most relevant to them.

Google Discover was introduced in 2017 to help users find content faster and easier. According to Google, their Discover service allows users to get information faster and discover interesting content that might interest them. While traditionally search required typing in specific keywords, Discover provides content that is tailored to a user’s individual preferences. GD uses algorithms to determine what content the user is most interested in. Google can use data such as search history, demographics and web activity to determine what topics are most relevant to a user. Once content of interest to the user is detected, Google displays it on the homepage in the form of tabs. Each card is accompanied by a title, a thumbnail image, a brief description and a link to further reading.

Google Discover also offers users the ability to manage the topics they wish to obtain. Users can ignore topics they are not interested in and customise the topics they want to obtain. It is also possible to add topics that users want to learn more about, and Google will display cards related to these topics.

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