Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a whole series of unethical actions aimed at improving the readability of a website by crawlers in a way that does not comply with search engine regulations. Proving a site uses such methods by a search engine usually results in a ban or, in milder cases, moving the site further down the search results.

The most common methods include black hat SEO include:

  • invisible links and hidden text,
  • doorway pages (pages displayed in search results for specific keywords, but which in fact lead to places on the web unrelated to the subject of the query),
  • cloaking (displaying different content to users than to robots),
  • duplicate content,
  • blog spamming,
  • link farms,
  • generating content of no value to the user.

The tools for such risky practices do not have to be sophisticated at all. In many cases, a basic knowledge of the Internet, text editors or languages such as CSS or JavaScript will suffice. However, it should be borne in mind that once a website is flagged, it may never regain the value it has lost through the use of black hat SEAbout the position.

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