CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), or Cascading Style Sheets, is a simple language used to create web pages. Unlike HTML, which is responsible for the structure and framework of a website, CSS is primarily responsible for its appearance and visual aspects. Style sheets are one of the basic technologies that web developers use on a daily basis.

Style sheets can modify any element of a website, located inside any tag. With CSS it is possible to define parameters such as:

  • the colours of the elements,
  • size, thickness, decoration, font styles,
  • image properties,
  • the style of tables, navigation or any object within a page.

Modern versions of CSS and independently developed frameworks are ways to create modern, responsive websites, which can also be enhanced with interesting transition effects or animations.

At a time when so much emphasis is placed on adapting websites for the best possible user experience, knowledge of style sheets is also becoming one of the basic requirements for SEO specialists.

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