Thin content

Definition of thin content refers to content that is of low quality or generally of poor usability for the user. It refers primarily to texts that contain spelling, stylistic and linguistic errors. In addition, although search engines are not yet very good at detecting content errors, it has been suggested that these errors may also contribute to a site being flagged as containing thin content thin content.

The value of content is also influenced by factors such as:

  • the length of the entry;
  • the uniqueness of the content and whether it is copied from other sites or pages within the same domain (duplicate content);
  • inadequate keyword content;
  • use of black-hat SEO techniquestechniques, e.g. placing content only for robots and not for users within the portal.

It should be borne in mind that if the content of a given website is deemed to be of low quality, there is a considerable risk of a filter being imposed on the website, the effect of which is usually a reduction in visibility in free search results.

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