An extension of the abbreviation SERP is Search Engine Results Page. The term refers to the search results page that a user sees when he or she enters a relevant query in the search bar. Under standard conditions, both paid and free links to specific sites are shown on the screen, with an indication that the former occupy the preferred positions.

The order in which portals are presented depends on their evaluation by algorithms or is determined by an auction (in the case of paid results). While in the first case it is difficult to speak of full knowledge of the mechanisms governing the search engine, in the second case it is known that winning the ‘auction’ depends on the advertiser’s set rate per click (CPC) and the quality of the ad.

Interestingly, it is becoming increasingly common for Google to display so-called ‘direct answers’. direct answerswhich provide an immediate answer to the question being asked. Enquiries that result in the display of such results may relate to the weather, information about famous people, results of mathematical operations or currency conversion.

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