Direct answers

Direct answersis one of the most interesting features of Google search. It involves presenting the user with direct answers to specific queries, which significantly speeds up the whole process of obtaining information. Most importantly: this useful result appears above the others – one could even say in zero position.

Direct answer takes the form of a box, which contains excerpts taken from a specific web page that relate to the query entered. Depending on the search term, the result may also include a thumbnail image that is related to the topic of the phrase.

Examples of searches that may result in direct answers being displayed are:

  • weather queries (e.g. Gdynia weather),
  • queries about mathematical calculations (e.g. 20*32) or currency conversions (e.g. 10 PLN to USD),
  • queries about the height of a specific actor (e.g. Anthony Hopkins height),
  • entertainment and cultural queries (e.g. sci-fi movies).

The appearance of a link to a page in such a key location is a real conundrum for SEO specialists. This is due to the fact that the exact mechanisms responsible for generating direct responses are currently unknown. What is known is that this happens automatically.

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