Matching keywords

We talk about keyword matching when setting up advertising campaigns (e.g. in Google Ads). This process involves selecting specific keywords and determining which searches are likely to result in an ad being displayed. Types of matching include:

  • Approximate – displaying ads also for keyword synonyms, misspelled phrases and related searches, no symbol included;
  • Approximate match modifier – involves adding the + symbol in front of each word in the key phrase and makes the ad content appear on queries containing all the contained words (or their synonyms, including conjugated words) regardless of the order or presence of other words;
  • To the phrase – the key phrase should be contained between the characters ” and “, while queries must have a specific word order (it is possible to add additional phrases before or after the whole phrase specified in inverted commas);
  • Strict – words are enclosed in square brackets, i.e. between the [ and ] characters. Ads may be displayed for queries containing key phrases or their close variants (misspellings, related words, variation by numbers and cases).

The use of keyword matching allows campaigns to be optimised more effectively and thus reach the audience most likely to convert or become customers.

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