Google penality

The terms manual and algorithmic filters refer to penalties imposed on specific sites for using inadvisable practices to increase search engine visibility. In principle, any incorrectly conducted actions carry the risk of a filter being imposed. Naturally – this involves achieving results that are the complete opposite of our intentions. The most common effect of a penalty is the partial (or even complete) elimination of a given domain from search results, and thus also a significant drop in organic traffic.

Manual filters are called restrictions, the reasons for which can be found in a tool called Google Search Console. In order to eliminate them, it is necessary to follow the guidelines that can be viewed in the user panel of the service. More often than not, following the suggestions provided will result in a positive removal of the penalty and the recovery of visibility – to a greater or lesser extent.

A greater threat to a domain, on the other hand, is an algorithmic filter. Penalties of this type are imposed on sites automatically when search engine algorithms change. In this case, identifying the reasons for the drop in visibility may be extremely difficult and requires a thorough analysis of the activities carried out so far. Sometimes it turns out that an apparent algorithmic filter is in fact the actions of a dishonest competitor attempting to deposition our website.

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