Error 404

The 404 code informs the user of some kind of error that is occurring within the site. More often than not, visitors are able to access the site, but a message is displayed telling them that they have ended up in the wrong place. It is worth knowing that, in most cases, it turns out that the ‘four hundred and four’ is very easy to diagnose, as by default the 404 error refers to the absence of some file in a specific location.

Regardless of whether the resource has been moved to another location or removed altogether – it is worth taking action to direct site visitors to other corners of the site.

From an optimisation perspective, it is good practice to have a subpage under the URL returning a 404 error that looks and functions like the others. Depending on the nature of the site, this can be supplemented with a prominent link to the homepage or links leading to the most popular (or current) posts.

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