After months of intensive market research, analysis of customer needs and commitment to the research and development process, we are proud to present our revolutionary service: SEO360®.

SEO360® is the most comprehensive SEO service available on the European market, offering 100% effectiveness in increasing sales, representing a process and product innovation.

The methodological correctness of the conducted research was consulted with employees of companies with CBR (Design and Business) status

Discovery, or detailed market research

We conducted research work on user needs throughout Europe. Our goal was first and foremost to determine precisely what our future customers are facing in the context of SEO cooperation so as to create a full-fledged and comprehensive service that has never been seen on the market before.

We used a methodical SERVICE DESIGN approach to develop SEO360®, involving three key steps:

  1. Questions to potential recipients of the SEO360® service (855 companies operating in 36 markets) regarding pain points and expectations from SEO and SXO activities.
  2. Questions to potential recipients of the SEO360® service (855 companies operating in 36 markets) regarding the effectiveness of past cooperation with other companies offering SEO and SXO services.
  3. Survey of the scope of activities of companies offering SEO and SXO services (327 companies operating in 36 markets).

Research Methodology

  1. Survey method in companies using SEO or SXO services.

The survey was conducted using a survey method among companies using SEO or SXO services. Communication with respondents was via telephone and e-mail.

The selection of the research sample was based on the following criteria:

  • Analysis of Google search results for selected queries in a specific country.

  • Exploring industry publications from a country to isolate companies representing a particular industry.

  • Analysis of the portfolio of companies offering SEO or SXO services.

  1. Researching competitors offering SEO or SXO services.

The following sampling methods were used to identify competing companies that implement SEO/SXO activities:

  • Companies offering SEO or SXO services identified by survey participants

  • Google search results and analysis of data available on LinkedIn.

  • Review of industry publications.

The range of activities of competing companies was investigated in detail using mystery shopping techniques to provide a comprehensive picture of their SEO/SXO strategies.

Work began in earnest at the beginning of 2019, when we and the entire SEOgroup team began researching the European market among potential customers for the product.





We surveyed 855 companies from all categories of industries, including e-commerce, from 36 European countries.

We wanted our service to be personalized for each business, yet universal. So that every business in Europe could increase traffic and sales on their website with our help.

Discovery – Stage One

Questions to consumers about pain points and expectations from SEO and SXO activities.

In the course of the European market research, in which 855 companies from 36 countries participated, we were able to identify the key problems that businesses face when working with SEO agencies.

Companies taking part in the survey were asked to identify the three biggest problems/gaps related to their existing relationship with an SEO or SXO services company over the past 3 years.

Below is the final result expressed in percentages showing which issues were considered most important by most companies.

Discovery – stage two

A question to consumers about the effectiveness of past cooperation with companies offering SEO /SXO services.


Companies using SEO services


Companies using the services of SXO

Companies working with an SEO agency

285 = 49%

Companies satisfied with past SEO efforts

296 = aż 51%

Companies dissatisfied with past SEO efforts

Companies working with an SXO agency or SEO agency providing SXO services

203 = 74%

Companies satisfied with SXO’s performance to date

71 = 26%

Companies not satisfied with SXO’s past performance

Discovery – stage three

A survey of the scope of activities of companies offering SEO and SXO services.

In the next stage of the work, we performed a series of surveys among competitors providing SEO and SXO services, with a special focus on mystery shopping.

We surveyed at least five top companies in each of the 36 European countries that claimed to provide SEO or SXO services.


SEO/SXO service companies




Based on our research, we have drawn the following conclusions:

  • The survey found that 68% of companies (581 companies) worked with SEO agencies, but only 49% of them (285 companies) were satisfied with the results of the cooperation. This means that 51% of companies (296 companies) were not satisfied with their SEO efforts. This indicates the relatively low effectiveness of standard SEO services in meeting customer expectations. Thus, companies offering SEO services realize 32% of the expected comprehensiveness of activities, and their final effectiveness alone is 49%.
  • For SXO, 32% of companies (274 companies) confirmed working with SXO agencies, of which 74% (203 companies) were satisfied with the KPIs achieved. This suggests that SXO has a higher efficiency (74%) compared to SEO (49%). Companies offering SXO activities perform at 68% of the expected comprehensiveness, and the chance of increasing sales through implementation is 74%.
  • A survey of 327 competitors from 36 European countries showed that many of them had deficiencies in key SEO areas such as strategy development, Customer Journey analysis, consumer research, content marketing plan or estimation, which indicated to us potential areas for improvement and opportunities to stand out in the market.

The result? An SEO360® product!

On the basis of this research, SEO360® was created – the most comprehensive SEO service in Europe, providing 100% effectiveness in increasing sales. It is the know-how and comprehensive approach that ensures this effectiveness.


Detailed research of the European market has provided us with valuable information on the most problematic aspects of SEO services, as well as revealed gaps in important areas for companies using such services.

Based on these findings, we have developed a unique solution – the SEO360® service, which is designed to comprehensively address the challenges posed by the modern SEO market, making it extremely valuable to our clients.

Components of the SEO360® service:

  • In-depth analysis including the full “Customer Journey”
  • Expanded action strategy
  • Survey of consumer needs
  • Content marketing plan
  • Realistic estimates
  • Technical SEO
  • Content optimization
  • User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Link Building – Permanent links with a guarantee to maintain them even after the contract ends
  • Ongoing Data Analysis
  • Operations across Europe under a single contract
  • Guarantee of traffic and revenue growth written into the contract

Thus, the components listed above meet the needs of the audience 100%!


SEO, according to the study, has only 49% effectiveness and 32% comprehensiveness compared to the SEO360® model, which has 100% effectiveness. SXO, on the other hand, contains about 68% of the comprehensiveness of SEO360®, and the chance of increasing sales through SXO is no more than 74%. This suggests that SXO is more effective than traditional SEO, but is still behind the SEO360® model.

3 key USPs of the SEO360® service

The actions are characterized by the highest degree of complexity among other similar services on the market, such as SEO or SXO, which has been supported by research in the European market.

Sales growth guarantee – The client receives a guarantee of the final result, i.e., an increase in traffic and revenue/leads.

Hybrid settlements based on success fees – after achieving 100% of the intended goal, subsequent settlements are determined based on a success fee model.

Nominations and awards

  • The Polish Product of the Future competition
  • TOP5 in semKRK 2023
  • TOP3 in Global Search Awards 2023
  • Digital Agency of the Year 2023 according to the Media & Marketing report

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