Organic results

Organic results are presented on search pages in places not intended for sponsored links, i.e. where search engines do not place advertisements. Websites appear in the organic (free) results if they have been indexed by the search engine and have passed the algorithm verification.

In order to be able to generate traffic from the free results, in the vast majority of cases, it is necessary to carry out site optimisation activities aimed at increasing the position of a given site for specific user searches. It is important to remember that such activities should be carried out continuously and regularly, as this is the only way to maintain adequate search engine visibility.

Unlike paid results (advertisements), which are displayed at the top or on the side of search results and are paid for by advertisers, organic results are not paid for. The position of a page in the organic results depends on a number of factors, such as the quality of the content, the structure of the page, optimisation for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the number and quality of inbound links and usability for users.

In practice, organic results are considered to be more reliable and valuable to users because their position in search results depends on quality and usability rather than payment for advertising. Consequently, many companies aim to improve their visibility in organic results by using various SEO strategies.

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