The .htaccess file is a kind of link between the webmaster (or developer) of a website and the web server (of the Apache type). This is indicated not only by its capabilities, but also by its full name, HTTP Access. The file takes the form of a simple text document, and the commands it contains are simply consecutive lines of text.

Using .htaccess, you can, among other things:

  • create redirects from one page to another,
  • secure access to a website with a password,
  • indicate a 404 error page,
  • block access to the site for specific users (e.g. via IP address).

Accordingly – the file allows the configuration of key aspects of the server, which are quite important for the correct operation of the website. Most often, .htaccess is placed in the root directory of the website, but it may as well be located in another folder.

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