Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool created by Google to analyse the popularity of search keywords over time. This provides insight into current trends and allows you to develop data-driven marketing strategies. In online marketing, Google Trends is indispensable because of its ease of use and the benefits of trend analysis.

Using Google Trends

  1. Keyword search: Enter a keyword or phrase to see how its popularity has changed over time. This allows you to determine which terms are more valuable to your industry and campaign.
  2. Comparing phrases: You can compare up to five different keywords or phrases to see which are most popular. This will help you choose the most relevant ones.
  3. Filtering results: Google Trends allows you to filter results based on region, time period, category and search type (e.g. news, images or videos).

Using Google Trends in online marketing

Discovering current trends

Google Trends allows you to identify current trends and changes in your audience’s interests. Tracking these trends can help you create content and campaigns that are more relevant and appealing to your target audience.

Keyword optimisation

Google Trends can help you analyse the popularity of different keywords, allowing you to select the ones that are most beneficial. This allows you to focus on optimising your content for those particular words, increasing your chances of ranking higher in search results.

Planning seasonal campaigns

Using Google Trends, you can check seasonal changes in interest in particular phrases. This allows you to plan promotional campaigns early on to take advantage of natural increases in interest.

Competitor monitoring

Google Trends can also be used to monitor competitor activity. Analysing the popularity of their brands, products or services will help you understand what attracts the attention of your audience, which you can use in your own marketing efforts.

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