Buzz marketing

Buzz marketing refers to a set of promotional activities and actions aimed at generating discussion about a particular brand, service or product. Such campaigns can be conducted both face-to-face and via the virtual world. In the context of the latter, it can be said that whisper marketing not only engages other web users, but also increases interest in the company and its offerings.
In fact, there are many types of buzz. Examples of a few of them are:

  • viral marketing – which involves sending out interesting or entertaining content through media that allows the message to continue to go viral;
  • community marketing – the idea behind this is to create buzz within various communities – e.g. online forums or thematic websites;
  • trendsetting – the idea is to create specific trends, e.g. by people highly regarded in the blogosphere.

Buzz marketing can contribute to an increase in traffic within a website, and is sometimes also used as a form of link building support.

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