Safesearch is a technology for filtering content and ensuring safe internet browsing. The technology allows users to block unwanted content such as pornography, violence and vulgarity. It is particularly useful for parents who want to protect their children from inappropriate content.

Safesearch is available in many web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox, as well as many search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. All these browsers and search engines provide Safesearch, which can be enabled or disabled in the settings.

If you enable Safesearch in your search engine or browser settings, it will block content that is normally considered inappropriate, such as pornography, violence, vulgarity, drug advocacy material and other undesirable content. Some search engines and browsers also allow you to adjust your Safesearch settings to provide more or less protection.

Although Safesearch technology can be useful for parents who want to protect their children from unwanted content, it is important to remember that it cannot completely block all unwanted content. For this reason, it is always advisable for parents to check what their children are viewing online and take extra precautions if necessary.

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