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Reach is defined as the number of recipients of a specific piece of content, or more precisely: the number of people to whom it is displayed on a device screen. The word ‘organic’ suggests that it refers to activities that are not part of paid advertising campaigns. The concept of reach is most relevant primarily in the context of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

All these platforms operate according to their own rules and it is the algorithms prepared by their creators that are directly responsible for the size of organic reach. In a nutshell, we can say that, for example, in the case of Facebook, the number of audiences depends on the engagement of fans, the reaction of users to a post and its age (newer content is more likely to appear in the news).

It is worth knowing that, for some time now, the above-mentioned portals have been effectively limiting the number of people that original content has a chance of reaching without the support of paid promotion. This is bad news for non-commercial contributors of valuable content.

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