On-page SEO

Activities on-page SEO include all optimisation activities that are carried out within a website. They are an integral part of any SEO strategy and aim not only to improve the visibility of the website in search results, but also to improve its functionality and user experience. Activities include on-page SEO include:

  • posting quality content that takes into account keywords,
  • minimising page load times,
  • ensuring page titles and descriptions, preferably in such a way that they accurately reflect the content searched for by the user,
  • using headings appropriately,
  • creating friendly (short and specific) URLs,
  • implementing internal and external linking,
  • ensuring the responsiveness of the website,
  • optimising the site’s structure and working on its interface – both visually and functionally.

It is extremely important that the person responsible for managing the site can fully control all of the above, which is not the case with off-site SEO. It should be mentioned that carrying out on-site is best to start as early as the planning and development stage of a website – we sometimes find that making optimisation changes at a later stage can be extremely problematic.

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