The footer is the part of the website that is located at the bottom of each page. It is the place where you place additional information such as contact details, a site map, links to your privacy policy and terms of use, as well as other navigation elements such as menus and social media buttons.

Why is the footer important?

The footer is important because it allows users to move around the website easily and quickly, without having to scroll to the top. In addition, it is the place to put important information, such as contact details and privacy policy, which increases trust in the website and its credibility.

How do you design a Footer?

Footer design should be simple and clear so that users can easily find the information they need. It should also be in line with the rest of the website and its graphic design. It is also important that the Footer is responsive, i.e. adapts to different screen sizes so that it is readable on any device.


The Footer is an important element of any website as it allows users to navigate through the site easily and quickly and contains important information such as contact details and privacy policy. Footer design should be simple, readable and in line with the rest of the website, as well as being responsive

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