Domain authority

The so-called domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) are – in other words – parameters that indicate the quality and reliability of an entire domain (in the case of DA) or a specific page within it (PA). The value of these parameters depends on more than 100 different factors, of which the most important are considered to be:

  • the type and number of inbound links,
  • the quality of the content on the website,
  • the degree of optimisation and functionality,
  • the age of the domain.

Domain athority and page authority are parameters measured on a 100-degree logarithmic scale, so you can expect them to increase by far the fastest at the very beginning of your efforts. It should be mentioned that the authority of individual pages affects the authority of the entire domain, so it is worth taking care of both parameters. How do DA and PA relate to site competitiveness? It can be said with certainty that those domains with more points on the aforementioned scales are more likely to rank higher in search results.

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