Bounce rate

Discussing bounce rates should start by defining what a rejection actually is. The word refers to an entry to a website followed by an exit by the user – without moving to another sub-page within the website.

It should be noted here that if a visitor performs an action that results in the triggering of a specific event, but still leaves the website without moving to another sub-page – such a session will not be recorded as a rejection. The bounce rate, on the other hand, is the ratio of the number of rejections to the number of total sessions on the website. This ratio is determined by percentages and by default aims to be as low as possible.

This ratio can often – but not always – be an indication of the quality of a website. An example of an exception in this respect would be one-page sites that do not contain sub-pages – in their case, the rejection rate can be as high as 100 per cent (if the user does not have the opportunity to trigger any event).

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