Bot after Facebooku

Setting up an automated Facebook bot is a way for people making private contact with the page to get an immediate response. The tool is a fantastic way to give fans simple answers to questions when the person managing the page is not present. Rather, the bot should be used for this very purpose, as it will probably never replace a human being who is able to answer even the most challenging questions.

The programme can take forms of varying degrees of complexity, from simple algorithms to skilled discussants. In both cases, however, no programming knowledge is required to create such an assistant. This is because there are ready-made solutions that greatly facilitate the creation of the bot and its correct configuration.

Facebook bots do not only offer the chance to “replace” us in our absence. Current solutions allow the tool to become part of an ongoing marketing campaign. Modern programmes can send messages to people who have liked a particular post. The bot can also become an effective informant, which equips customers with knowledge of, for example, what is happening with their order or when delivery of the purchased item is expected.

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