Audience group

The term audience is used to refer to the set of people who are targeted by specific content or advertising. The term is used most often in the context of social media and is most relevant especially when paid promotional campaigns are being discussed.

Audiences can be classified using various criteria, but the most common basis for grouping is:

  • demographic data – measurable in a simple way: age, gender, education, relationship status;
  • geographic data – place of residence; advertising activities can be targeted at whole countries as well as specific regions or cities;
  • interests – very important to reduce unnecessary spending;
  • behaviours – buying habits or, for example, the type of device from which transactions are made;
  • connections – determined by whether a person has already interacted with the website.

Determining the audience should be a fundamental element of any marketing campaign, conducted via Facebook or Instagram. Such a procedure helps to sell more effectively and involves maximising the return on investment of promotional activities.

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