Content marketing and SEO – how can we combine these actions?

These days, virtually every company ought to carry out wide-ranging actions on the Internet, as this is probably where your Customers can usually be found. Apart from some obvious solutions, including various banner ads on websites, you may consider a strategy called content marketing. Although people who are not online marketing experts frequently treat these actions as “ordinary articles with links”, today we will give you an idea why this proves to be a valuable tool not only for the purposes of building the brand image, but also for positioning our website in search engines!

What’s it all for?

Above all, we should understand what the aims of both content marketing and SEO actions are. The former constitutes a very modern tool for attracting Customers to our website and making them committed to us through publishing valuable content, while the task of the latter (search engine optimisation) is to optimise our website and make it achieve the highest positions in the search results. Although these two aspects seem totally unrelated to each other, the truth is quite different!

How should we create content?

Developing content that is not only unique, but also optimised in relation to the requirements of search engine algorithms is the key to success in both areas. We may prepare even the most excellent and outstanding article, but if we ignore the issue mentioned above, it will not achieve such a high position when searched by potential Customers. But what will happen if we decide to copy some content from another website, trusting that there is low probability that the user will come across both of them after all? We couldn’t be more wrong!

On the contrary, we can do more harm than good! If Google detects that our text constitutes a copy of another content, it will be marked as “duplicate content” and fail to give us any benefits. We also should not forget about the risk of losing our reputable image, as copying any kind of content is rather perceived as regrettable. Therefore, there is no point undertaking such actions.

Optimisation of developed content

However, if an article or a post we have written is noteworthy and can be considered compliant with the principles of content marketing, it is definitely worth paying attention to optimisation-related actions! Google rewards rich content, which should not only be understood in terms of the article’s length, but other “upgrades” as well. Apart from the textual layer itself, including relevant photos (which should be appropriately optimised, too), or films and quotes may turn out to be a great step. Not only will the user consider such content more appealing, but also the text will be treated as more valuable according to the Google algorithm. When it comes to SEO actions regarding the article, it will not be such a challenging task if we only have specific keywords for which the text is supposed to be positioned. Aspects such as appropriate meta tags, formatting, bolding or headlines are fundamental… yet, this is a topic for another article!

Your benefits

The aim of an appropriately positioned content marketing article is to increase traffic on the website, but at the same time, it can be useful in building brand awareness and, above all, authority! If our content is displayed as the first (or one of the first) in the search results according to the SEO principles, we will impress the majority of users almost instantly. Such an article will be regarded as valuable even before reading! However, we should bear in mind that it should get the user involved right after clicking, so writing on very general and most often clichéd topics should be avoided. Instead, let’s concentrate on our target group and attempt to reach these users in particular. Who knows? Perhaps they will visit your website and familiarise themselves with your company’s offer just after reading your post?


Actions carried out together in the area of content marketing and SEO have one purpose, which is to increase the conversion. If our website contains valuable and distinctive content, Google will certainly reward us, while our actions and sharing on social media will lead to highly attractive results. We can be sure that such consistent and synchronised actions will help us with all the issues mentioned above. However, we must not forget about the most important aspect – joining content marketing with SEO actions does not act like a sprint supposed to provide instantaneous sales results, but it rather resembles a time-consuming marathon, the effects of which will be noticed in the long run!

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