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Hungary is a landlocked country, located in Central Europe, bordering as many as seven countries. The population of Hungary reaches 9.8 million people, of which over 80% have access to the Internet. The Magyars are members of the European Union, but like Poland, have not adopted the Community currency and continue to use their native forint. It is a fairly high-income country, with a very high rate of social development.


As far as the economy is concerned, it is worth mentioning the chemical, engineering and electronics industries, which are well developed in Hungary. Companies such as Philips, Siemens and General Electric have branches in this country. Not to forget the car factories of such brands as Audi, Ford and General Motors. These sectors are complemented by highly developed agriculture, with a 50% share of arable land, which is excellent and the highest share in Europe. Of course, there is also the well-developed tourism, which contributes a lot to the Hungarian budget every year.


Hungarians like to use the Internet, and they do so in a modern way. We are of course talking about the devices they use for this purpose, among which over 60% are mobile phones and smartphones (data for March 2022):

  • Phone (60.9%),
  • PC (34.39%),
  • Tablet (4.23%).


More than 83% of internet users in Hungary use social media, and most of them are Facebook users (data for March 2022):

  • Facebook (92.48%),
  • Pinterest (2.76%),
  • Twitter (1.82%),
  • Instagram (1.43%),
  • YouTube (0.69%),
  • Reddit (0.42%).


Facebook’s dominance of social media is a clear indication that when entering this market, your business has to be present on this social media platform. Firstly – to maintain good contact with customers, and secondly to complement SEO activities. Thanks to such complementary action, we will not only strengthen our brand, but also expand the group of potential customers.

9,8 million

Population of Hungary

80 %

of the population has access to the Internet

7,8 million

Internet users

97,5 %

of users use Google

    Search engines in Hungary

    Google is a definite leader among the Magyars, which helps more than 97% of Internet users to surf the Internet (share for March 2022):

    • Google (97.59%),
    • Bing (1.7%),
    • Yahoo! (0.41%),
    • DuckDuckGo (0.17%),
    • Yandex (0.04%),
    • Ecosia (0.04%).


    When it comes to web browsers, about 69% of Hungarians mostly search for content on the web via Chrome (data for March 2022):

    • Chrome (68.88%),
    • Safari (12.3%),
    • Firefox (8.02%),
    • Edge (3.68%),
    • Samsung Internet (2.94%),
    • Opera (2.7%).


    In Hungary, Google dominates the Internet. As far as search engines are concerned, Google is unrivalled, and as far as browsers are concerned, almost 7 out of 10 Hungarians access websites via the Mountain View company’s browser. If we want to find our place on this market, we should follow the rules of the Californian giant.

    E-commerce market in Hungary

    The Hungarian e-commerce market is definitely worth attention. Its value in the past years oscillated around the level of nearly EUR 2 billion. With an average annual growth rate of 7.6% in 2023, it is expected to reach an amount of approximately EUR 2.4 billion. Taking these increases into account, it is clear that e-commerce in the case of the Magyars is growing at a fast pace and one could risk saying that its best days are still to come.


    As for consumers themselves, more than 90% of those with Internet access regularly buy online. This amounts to 5.5 million people, each of whom puts nearly EUR 60 worth of products into a virtual shopping cart. There is a lot to fight for, especially as the costs of running an e-shop in this country are relatively low in relation to the possible benefits and profits.


    Of course, we won’t become millionaires in Hungary right away. Although about 40% of Hungarians buy goods online from European shops, and 26% from the rest of the world, they are also attached to their local market. However, with quality, attractive prices and transparency of the offer, we will surely win their favour.


    What do the Magyars most often put in their virtual shopping cart? Let’s see:

    Online shopping

    Taking into account the most popular methods of payment for online purchases, it can be seen that the Hungarian people make their purchases mainly on delivery:

    Regarding the most popular e-commerce companies, i.e. those with the highest revenues in Hungary, the list of the top 5 is as follows (data for 2021):

    • (USD 253 million),
    • (USD 114 million),
    • (USD 106 million),
    • (USD 79 million),
    • (USD 78 million).


    In proportion to the market and the country’s potential, there are not many e-commerce companies operating in Hungary. Their number reaches 7,000 websites. The largest of them (emag and alza) offer a wide range of multi-sector products, where every consumer can find something interesting.


    As far as the most frequently chosen suppliers are concerned, couriers lead the way, followed by post offices. The following are the top three based on Hungarians’ preferences for 2021:

    • GLS (48%),
    • Magyar Posta (35%),
    • DPD (19%).


    According to the above statistic, 7 out of 10 Magyars opt for courier delivery. This is certainly valuable information when preparing the delivery methods for Hungarian customers.

    Which domain should you choose?

    Hungary has its own domain name, which is “.hu”. Every citizen of a country from the European Union can register in it. The use of Google’s local representative,, was exactly 16.03% in March 2022. Most of the share was taken by the global host – (80.91%). These statistics prove that in order to conduct SEO activities in Hungary, it is not necessary to have their native extension. We should find our place on this market with a foreign domain as well.


    In addition, when thinking about further extension of your e-shop activities, it is worth considering the domain used in the countries of the European community, i.e. “.eu”, or the global suffix “.com”. Then, it would be enough to add other language versions to the chosen extension, for example:,,, etc.


    Why should you start promoting your business in Hungary?

    The Hungarian e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing in the European Union! Interestingly, proportionally, there are not many e-shops there, especially those representing large corporations, which due to low profitability are not interested in this kind of business. This situation is an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to develop on this marketplace.


    As far as the development of the e-sales market in Hungary is concerned, it relates in particular to the increase in the volume and value of purchases. The scale of users using this type of functionality is already quite high. According to analyses, they should make more and more traditional purchases via the Internet, which will only fuel the development of this market, providing additional opportunities for companies offering a wide range of services.


    The above information certainly encourages business expansion into the Hungarian market. After a good understanding of the habits of the Hungarian people, an effective strategy and the actions of our Takumi , Hungary may begin to be associated not only as a beautiful country with its capital in Budapest, but also as an important revenue component on the European map of our e-commerce shop business.

    Link building in Hungary

    When thinking about a successful online business in Hungary, the first thing to do is to prepare a Hungarian language version of the website on which you present your offer. This is an indispensable element for taking further steps, which include its optimisation, e.g. preparing an appropriate URL structure or adjusting the content to a catalogue of keywords.


    The above activities should be supplemented with high quality link building. As in most markets where Google rules, it is the quality of links that counts, not the quantity. This translates into a positive assessment by the algorithms of the giant from California, and ultimately the position of our website in search results. Link building should also be diverse. Links to our website should be placed on popular, good quality (domain rating) websites, but also on thematic forums, and in Hungary especially on Facebook, which enjoys great popularity (92.48%). It is a place where it is worth maintaining constant communication, including to take care of your image and maintain good contact with the customer.

    The most comprehensive service

    SEO360® ensures the most comprehensive service among other similar on the market, such as SEO or SXO, which has been confirmed by research.

    Guaranteed sales increase

    The service provides a guarantee of the final effect, an increase traffic and revenue / leads.

    Hybrid settlements based on success fee

    Once 100% of the original target is achieved, any results above are based on a success fee.

    Guaranteed link maintenance

    We do not remove acquired links even after the end of cooperation.

    We work all over Europe

    Under one contract, we can carry out our work for all European countries with the support of a network of quality partners.

    Individual strategy

    We prepare a comprehensive, extensive strategy in which we examine the real needs of consumers (customer insights) before starting any actions.

    See how your website traffic and revenue will increase!

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    regular SEO

    How does the SEO process work in Hungary?



    It is the starting point for SEO360® actions, individually priced and created on the basis of the customer’s needs and expectations included earlier in the brief filled in by the customer. As part of our conceptual work, we establish the KPIs necessary for successful implementation of further stages of the project, in particular analysis, content marketing plan and estimations, which are the components of the strategy.



    In this step, we carry out all the activities verifying the current state of the selected website in terms of SEO and its potential in a given country when compared to the competition. At the same time, we analyse the full user path based on the customer journey. The result of the analysis is a large amount of data that can be used to implement further SEO360® steps.


    Content Marketing Plan

    Individually prepared for the industry represented by the Client and for the given markets where SEO360® activities will be conducted. It includes a scenario concerning the type of created content and the way of its distribution in order to reach the consumers with it precisely and to be one step ahead of the competition. Content Creators guarantee the successful implementation of this plan.



    An extremely valuable and final component of the strategy, where we estimate individual values related to the visibility of the website in the most popular search engine of a given country, taking into account the increase in traffic and, more importantly, the increase in conversions over a specified period of time.


    Technical SEO

    When starting proper SEO activities, one of the necessary steps to achieve final success is technical SEO, also called technical analysis or technical optimisation for SEO, i.e. the part of optimisation that does not concern content. It consists of all activities that affect the architecture and code of a website in such a way as to make it as friendly as possible to the most stringent search engine requirements and, at the same time, to stay one step ahead of the competition.


    Content optimisation

    Part of optimising a website for SEO, in addition to technical SEO, is content optimisation. Valuable content for the user is one of the key elements that will help to achieve high search engine visibility as well as increase conversions and thus revenue.


    UX + CRO

    As part of the SEO360® service, we provide analysis and optimisation of User Experience metrics with a particular focus on heuristic experiments and A/B testing as well as Conversion Rate Optimisation. In this way, we analyse consumer activity at each stage of their purchase process, increasing sales effectiveness.


    Link Building

    We conduct link building using the highest quality permanent links acquired from external sources or services, from reliable publishers with a guarantee of their maintenance even after the end of cooperation. As part of this process, we take care of the correct link profile, which brings end benefits.


    Ongoing Data Analysis

    In SEO360®, through advanced tools supervised by the Client Success Manager, we constantly measure the progress related to the evaluation of conducted activities, and on their basis, our customers have access to extensive reports 24/7.


    Increase in traffic and revenue

    The ultimate value of SEO360® is the increase in brand awareness, traffic, conversions and revenue generated from the service, which is significantly higher than in the case of ‘regular SEO’ and above all, it is long-lasting.

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