What does an SEO SEM agency do?

In the 21st century, using the Internet has become an everyday occurrence for us. More and more often customers use the Internet to make restaurant reservations, buy clothes or look for their dream holidays. Therefore, an important aspect of promoting our company is building a positive corporate image on the Internet. Not everyone is a specialist in this field, which is why SEO SEM agencies exist to help you promote your business online.

What does SEM and SEO mean?

Let’s start by explaining the definitions of the key phrases.

  • SEM – derives from the English language: Search Engine Marketing. It refers to Internet marketing focusing on promoting websites by increasing their visibility in search engines e.g: Google. SEM consists of SEO and PPC activities, which complement each other.
  • SEO – an acronym derived from the English words: Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the process of optimising websites for search engines. The aim of these activities is to achieve the highest possible position in the free (organic) search results for selected keywords for a given website. Optimisation concerns the content of the website, but also the structure and source code. In Poland, it is also referred to as positioning.

Depending on the assumed goal of the promotional campaign, SEM activities may bring various results, e.g.: increasing the number of conversions per month, increasing traffic on the website or building a positive brand image. It is important to remember that it does not always pay to undertake full SEM activities. Sometimes you should only start with SEO or PPC channels.

SEO agency services

SEO is a set of activities aimed at increasing the visibility of a website in a search engine. The aim is to gain the highest possible position in the search results, covering selected phrases relevant to the business you are running. A good position obviously translates into our website being easier to find by potential customers and, in the long run, into conversions. Website positioning is one of the most important elements of internet marketing.

It is also worth mentioning here that in Poland, unlike in other countries, it is customary to separate the concepts of website positioning and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

SEO audit

Before starting activities related to optimising a website for SEO activities, it is worth considering an SEO audit. Specialists focus on checking the website structure, published content, URL links and source code. If one of these elements is not working properly, the SEO agency prepares recommendations that should be implemented on the website.

SEOgroup offers 3 types of audits: SEO/UX Audit, PPC/Google Ads Audit and Competitor Audit. We believe that with a comprehensive approach, you can eliminate even the smallest mistake that can cause drops or loss of traffic on your website.

Website optimisation for SEO

The aim of the optimisation activities is to increase the visibility of the website in the search engine. Depending on the client’s industry, dedicated keywords with the highest potential and relevance are prepared.

SEOgroup’s offer includes SEO optimisation of various websites – company websites, blogs as well as shops conducting e-commerce activities. As Takumi Internet Marketing, we know that every website requires different measures to be implemented. Our goal is to reach the first page of the search network.

Link building

Focuses on acquiring external links. These are intended to provide a link that leads to the client’s website. Content marketing articles, online forums, blogs and social networks are used for this purpose.

At SEOgroup, we only acquire valuable external links that will make your website of unwavering interest to users. This will result in the best results in the search network and the desired profits.

SEM agency activities, or PPC

PPC is short for Pay Per Click. It is an advertising billing model in which the advertiser pays only when the recipient clicks on the creative and is transferred to the landing page. The whole thing is based on an auction model in which all those who want to display their ad for a given query participate. SEOgroup offers to carry out activities based on Google Ads platforms, Google Display Network, remarketing tools and much more.

Google Ads

Through the Google tool, you can create effective advertising campaigns. This includes placing sponsored links at the top of the search results for given key phrases. This way, the user will notice your ad faster than your competitors. In addition, Google Ads technology allows you to display your advertisements outside the search areas, e.g.: on popular portals.

According to Takumi SEOgroup, such a solution is ideal for the promotion of online shops that are focused on selling goods via the Internet.

Google Display Network

This tool includes millions of websites, videos, mobile applications and many other such elements on the Internet. Thanks to this tool, advertising campaigns can be planned, laid out and implemented with different reach and selected targeet.

At SEOgroup, we provide comprehensive services in the area of Google Display Network. The campaigns we create are based on a well-thought-out strategy and tailored to our customers’ target groups.

Remarketing (retargeting)

A remarketing technique is used to encourage recipients to visit your website again. You prepare main banner adverts which, when displayed to users, remind them of your brand. In addition, with this tool you can create dedicated lists of users to be targeted by advertising.

SEOgroup specialists know that by creating special, dedicated banners e.g.: with discounts, we encourage recipients to revisit the website. We operate according to a win-win relationship. Your website sees an increase in the number of sessions, you increase your profits, while users get what they are looking for at the moment.

Why take such action?

As we mentioned, more and more users are buying online. Therefore, it is worth considering starting SEM activities to attract new and old customers.

The main advantages of conducting SEO and PPC activities are:

  • increasing your website’s online visibility,
  • increased website traffic,
  • higher position in search results,
  • possibility to build a positive image on the Internet,
  • increased brand recognition,
  • above all, reaching potential customers.

The result will be increased profits, which will translate into growth for your business.

What to expect from an SEO SEM agency?

When entrusting SEM activities to an agency, you need to specify what goal you want to achieve. This will make it easier to control the results.

  1. An experienced SEO SEM agency should select the tools and channels of promotion in such a way as to achieve the set goal. Use different tools in the context of different client expectations.
  2. High-quality services should be expected in order to achieve the desired results within a given timeframe. In the case of one-off activities such as audits, extensive and comprehensive documentation should be created highlighting all aspects related to the audit topic.
  3. When initiating SEO activities, the agency should make recommendations for implementation. It is then its task to systematically observe whether the recommendations have been correctly implemented, as this affects the overall action. On the other hand, recommendations can be implemented by SEO specialists when the client agrees. Such activities should be reported on an ongoing basis.
  4. A professional agency should regularly report on the results achieved, e.g.: monthly, semi-annually or annually. Positive as well as negative. In the case of the latter, a plausible explanation is expected as to why the declines occurred.

What is the difference between an SEO SEM agency and an interactive agency?

Interactive agencies are in the business of conducting promotional activities on the Internet, offering a wide range of services. Their offer may include a variety of activities ranging from website creation, through SEO management, to the creation of corporate identity and management of company profiles in Social Media. Generally speaking, these are agencies that employ a number of specialists in various fields, which enables them to offer a wide range of services related to internet marketing. SEO SEM agencies can be described as a subgroup of interactive agencies, as they focus on carrying out SEO and PPC-related activities.


An SEO SEM agency will help you achieve your chosen online goals with tailored tools to meet your needs. The services of individual SEM and SEO companies can vary depending on what resources the agency has e.g.: whether it has its own copywriting staff, graphic designers and web designers. When deciding to start cooperation, you should prepare some basic information about your company and the planned advertising campaign. We encourage you to read our previous article: How to prepare a proper brief for an advertising agency?

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