Marketing agency – what does it do and how to work effectively with it?

For many companies, especially smaller ones, working with a marketing agency still remains a mystery. If you want to find out what a marketing agency actually does, how to work effectively with one, what the results of this collaboration can be, and what the differences are between a marketing agency, an SEO agency and an interactive agency, read today’s article.

Marketing agency – definition

A marketing agency is a company that specialises in creating marketing strategies and implementing them. Its primary objective is usually to bring about an increase in sales and improve brand image. Marketing agencies offer a wide range of services and usually have a team of specialists from different fields, such as marketing, advertising, graphic design or programming, which enables them to take a comprehensive approach to marketing activities for clients.

What does a marketing agency do?

A marketing agency deals with the creation and implementation of marketing strategies to increase sales and improve brand image. The range of services offered by marketing agencies can be very broad and depends on the individual needs of the client.

  • Creating marketing strategies: Based on the results of market research and competitive analysis, marketing agencies create marketing strategies to help their businesses achieve their goals.
  • Creating advertising campaigns: Agencies design advertising campaigns in a variety of media, such as television, radio, press or internet.
  • SEO/SEM activities: Marketing companies also deal with search engine optimisation of websites.
  • Graphic and web design: Some marketing agencies offer graphic design and website development.
  • Market research, audience analysis: Marketing agencies conduct market research to study consumer preferences and behaviour and identify market trends.
  • Social media marketing: Marketing agencies carry out activities on social media to build brand image and create a relationship with the audience.
  • Email marketing: agencies design and send email campaigns to help acquire new customers and build relationships with existing ones. It is worth mentioning that nowadays marketing agencies have also developed marketing automation competencies to a large extent.

What should a marketing agency be like?

A marketing agency should, first and foremost, be characterised by high quality service, effectiveness of activities and features such as:

  1. Knowledge and experience of specialists: the marketing agency should have a team of specialists from various fields who have knowledge and experience in the field of marketing. Their knowledge can be confirmed by obtaining certifications in a specific area, such as Google Ads, Meta (Facebook) Blueprint or DIMAQ Basic and DIMAQ Professional. It is also worth reviewing the agency’s case studies and finding out what projects it has had the opportunity to work on.Find out more about what a case study is:
  2. An individual approach to the client: a marketing agency should approach each client individually and offer solutions tailored to their needs and business objectives – there is no ready-made recipe for success.
  3. Flexibility: a marketing agency should be flexible and adapt to the changing needs and requirements of the client and the market. In a word, it needs to be constantly “up to date”.
  4. Transparency: a marketing agency should be transparent in its operations and allow clients to see the processes and costs of marketing activities.
  5. Effective communication: the marketing agency should maintain effective communication with the client to ensure a continuous flow of information and effective collaboration.

How to work effectively with a marketing agency?

1.Take your time to carefully fill in the brief, present your business profile, describe your problem and expectations.

2. Reflect on your answers to questions such as:

  • What does your business do?
  • What products and services do you have on offer?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What are your competitors?
  • Have you carried out any marketing activities to date, and if so, which ones? And have they had the desired effect?
  • What differentiates your product/service?
  • What are your marketing objectives?
  • What budget are you able to allocate for marketing activities?
  • When do you want to start?

3. Think about which activities you want to entrust to the chosen agency.
4. Think about whether you are sure you have chosen a trusted marketing agency and whether you will be prepared to give it access to your social profiles (if necessary to carry out the chosen service) and the necessary access to analyse your activities, for example access to your Google Analytics account.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask about the details of the contract and let them know if anything is unclear to you.

6.Arm yourself with patience and do not jump to conclusions after the first few days of cooperation. Don’t expect the impossible either.

7. Be open to change.

8. Try to cooperate and treat the agency as a partner, not an enemy. In many cases, results depend not only on what the agency does, but also on what the client does. Keep to the agreed deadlines and rules, for example in the context of delivering graphics or implementing improvements to the website, and activities will be much more efficient and produce a much better result.

Marketing agency and other types of agencies – a comparison

The main difference between a marketing agency, an interactive agency and an SEO agency is the different range of services they offer.

Marketing agency

A marketing agencydeals with many aspects in the field of marketing, with the primary objective usually being the promotion of the brand. A marketing agency can design and create a website, implement content marketing, carry out video campaigns or arrange a photo shoot. In summary, a marketing agency is an umbrella term for a company that promotes a brand in a number of selected ways.

SEO agency

AnSEO agency focuses its attention primarily on the positioning of a website in search engines and it is in this area that it specialises. These types of agencies offer services related to Google visibility, website optimisation and off-site activities. However, these are not the only activities undertaken by SEO agencies, as they often choose to implement services such as handling Google Ads or Meta Ads campaigns. An SEO agency is thus a marketing agency, but one that specialises in a specific field.

Interactive agency

We can also classify an interactive agency as a marketing agency. Interactive agencies deal with brand promotion with an emphasis on online activities, and are composed of specialists in various fields of e-marketing. Such companies usually offer website positioning, social media advertising campaigns or copywriting services.

Performance marketing agency

Performance marketing, or performance marketing, is a set of activities aimed at persuading a user to perform a specific action. This could be, for example, clicking a banner, links or submitting a contact form. Performancemarketing agencies focus on paid advertising activities in systems such as Google Ads (search engine advertising, ad networks or YouTube), Meta Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger), LinkedIn, Pinterest and even TikTok .

Integrated agency

An integrated agency is one that combines expertise in SEO, Performance Marketing / PPC and Content Marketing.

Working with an integrated agency is comprehensive. So there is no need to employ specialists separately or to move from one agency to another. The employees of an integrated agency are constantly communicating with each other, so that the campaigns run are consistent. It also becomes easier to implement any changes, as the problem of informing each specialist or agency about the desire to implement them is to some extent eliminated.


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Effects of working with a marketing agency

Increased brand recognition

A marketing agency can help build a brand’s image through website positioning activities or the implementation of paid marketing campaigns and the creation of relevant advertising. This allows the client to gain greater recognition and stand out in the market.

Increase in sales

An effective marketing strategy developed by a marketing agency can increase sales of products or services.

Increase customer engagement

A marketing agency can help you build a relationship with your customers by creating engaging content and building engagement on social media.


The role of a marketing agency is to help clients achieve their business goals through the use of marketing tools and strategies.

Marketing agencies act as external advisors with specialist marketing knowledge and experience to achieve better results in less time.

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