How do you gain new customers online? the 8 most effective ways

Acquiring new customers is a crucial, but also not easy task when running a business. Entrepreneurs very often wonder how to most effectively seek out new audiences online.

Acquiring new customers – where do I start?

Before you start prospecting, it is important to answer key questions such as who you want to offer your service or product to, how you want to do it and, most importantly, why consumers should take up your offer .

It is also worth analysing the experiences of existing customers with the company at key touchpoints, i.e. where they have had contact with the brand.

Getting to know consumers

It is then essential to get to know the consumer intimately – why they behave the way they do, what factors create their wants and needs, or what are the criteria for the choices they make. Furthermore, it is always important to try to fit in better with users’ expectations than our competitors.

Once we have thoroughly analysed the areas we have mentioned, we can begin the proper search for new customers.

the 8 most effective ways to attract new customers:

1. SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a process that aims to improve a website’s visibility in organic search results for specific keywords. SEO involves a number of techniques, such as optimising content on the website itself and improving its loading speed (on-site activities) or building links off-site (off-site activities).

These actions make the website significantly more friendly to search engine robots and useful to users. This translates into an increase in organic traffic to the site and thus into attracting new customers who were looking for the product or service we were offering at the time, or were only interested in the subject, but found that the website meets their needs.

It is worth remembering that SEO is a long-term process that requires regular work and monitoring. Moreover, the more qualitatively the work is done, the more lasting the effects are, and these are extremely significant in the process of finding new customers.

2. Publication of articles on a company blog or corporate website

There are many advantages to publishing articles on a company blog. One of them is the positive impact on the positioning of your website, among other things through the possibility of building natural internal linking and the positive evaluation of your site by the Google system.

What does this mean in practice? Thanks to your website’s high position in the search engine, you can get more direct traffic and thus attract new customers who were looking for a particular product or service and decided to take a look at your offer.

In addition, it is likely that the user will find the material you have prepared worth recommending and share the link to it on their website or social media channels.

3. Social media activity

Almost everyone uses social media these days. In January 2022, the number of social media users in Poland was 27.20 million, including 17.65 million Facebook users and 10.70 million Instagram platform users.

Social media marketing effectively shortens the distance between a business and a potential customer. For example, you can inform users about new products, show the workplace “from behind the scenes” or even organise Q&As and answer questions.

By running your fanpage in the right way, you will build recognition and gain valuable trust, and thus attract new, loyal customers.

4. Performance marketing

Performance marketing, or performance marketing, is another good way to acquire new customers via the internet. It focuses primarily on getting selected groups of customers to perform certain actions. These could be, for example, shopping on our website, contacting them by phone, email or filling in a form. It is therefore primarily not about general brand awareness and image building, but about specific results and customer acquisition .

Google Ads

Google Ads is an advertising tool that allows you to promote your products and services on Google’s search engine, YouTube and other sites belonging to Google’s advertising network.

If you want to attract new customers using this system, you can choose a specific objective for your campaign: for example, increasing the number of visits to your website, the number of calls and much more.

Google Ads also gives you the flexibility to adjust your budget and manage your ads at any time, and allows you to choose how you want to target your ads based on location, users’ interests or their purchase intent. All this allows you to use your advertising budget effectively and increase your chances of attracting new customers.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network, or GDN for short, is Google’s advertising network for displaying advertisements in graphical form on websites and mobile applications and elsewhere on the web.

The GDN is an effective tool for attracting new customers and increasing brand awareness, provided that the right campaign objectives, audience and creative advertising elements are selected, and that the results are regularly monitored and optimised.


Precise targeting for this type of campaign means selecting audience groups based on interests, age, gender or even family status. In addition, these adverts can be displayed on websites tailored to the chosen theme and activity. This ensures that the budget is used efficiently and there is a good chance of attracting new customers.

5. Social Ads

In addition to running your social profile organically, you can also take advantage of the opportunities for paid advertising activities and reach an even larger audience, precisely tailored to the nature of your business.

Social media activity supported by paid advertising activities is currently one of the best ways to acquire new customers.

By investing in ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can reach a carefully selected audience with your chosen interests, located in a specific location.

6. Content marketing

Thepublication of sponsored articles on quality sites is a common method among Link Building activities. It involves the creation and publication on quality and well-read external portals of high-quality, factual text about the products and services offered. This is a very good method of building brand awareness and increasing brand recognition in the market, and thus a method of acquiring new customers.

At SEOgroup, we conduct content marketing combined with link building, using permanent links of the highest quality, which are acquired from reliable publishers from external sites and maintained even after the cooperation has ended.

7. Lead magnet

A lead magnet is a free product offered in exchange for the user providing an email address or other contact details.

It can be any useful content prepared by us for the recipient, such as short guides in the form of e-books, checklists or other bonuses.

This is a good way for customers who have already had contact with our brand in the past to leave their contact details, but not only. Lead magnets can even be used during paid advertising activities on Facebook or Instagram. In such a case, we are able to attract completely new customers and, at the same time, we have the possibility to reach them again because of the contact details they voluntarily left.

8. Email marketing

Email marketing involves promoting a brand by sending emails, which usually take the form of newsletters, diaries or promotional offers. In order to effectively attract new customers through email marketing, it is first necessary to build a subscriber base, i.e. a list of people who have already expressed some interest in the company or its offerings.

With the right e-mail marketing tools, we are able to check whether the recipient has opened our e-mail, whether they have clicked on the buttons and links provided, whether they have purchased our product, and so on. It is worthwhile to gradually build up a valuable number of recipients and remember that quality is far more important than size. The personalisation of messages plays an important role today. The advantage of e-mail marketing is therefore the aforementioned individual selection of recipients, as well as its low cost.


If you need support in acquiring new customers on the internet, please contact us. As part of our services, we will provide you with a comprehensive action model, as this is what will guarantee your company’s full success.
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