Google Ads Specialist – who is it, how much does it earn and how to become one?

There are many viable career paths in online marketing. You can be an SEO specialist, a social media marketer or perform your duties as a Google Ads specialist. Earnings depend primarily on your skills – no matter what position you hold, you can make a lot of money or barely make ends meet. Ultimately, it depends on your professional aptitude, acquired skills and motivation to perform. If you want to find out who a Google Ads specialist is, how to become one and how much money on average you can earn as a certified expert, you should read this article!

Who is a Google Ads specialist? – definition

A Google Ads specialist is a person who creates ads on Google – this includes the search network, YouTube and affiliate sites. His or her job is to analyse and determine what the form of the ads and their design should be.


The certified Google Ads specialist is currently one of the most rapidly growing professions. Valuable development opportunities in this case include training from Google and junior positions.

Tasks and competences of a Google Ads specialist

The Google Ads specialist is an expert in the field of Google search advertising. His/her main task is to run and optimise advertising campaigns on the Google Ads platform in order to achieve the highest possible macro and micro conversion rates, for example:

  • purchase of a product,
  • filling in a contact form,
  • use of a service,
  • a product sub-page being recreated
  • share content on social media
  • subscribe to a newsletter
  • download a PDF or e-book,
  • make a phone call,
  • write an email about a collaboration,
  • a visit to the company’s stationary premises.

The following is a list of tasks and competences of a Google Ads specialist that lead to profits for service companies and online shops.

Tasks of a Google Ads specialist:

  • Market research and search for new advertising opportunities.
  • Planning, creating and managing Google Ads campaigns.
  • Optimisation of advertising campaigns to maximise effectiveness and increase conversions.
  • Analysing the performance of advertising campaigns, including monitoring performance and reporting on progress.
  • Conducting keyword research and competitive analysis.

Google Ads specialist competencies:

  • Knowledge of the Google Ads platform and its tools.
  • Knowledge of internet marketing and online advertising principles.
  • Ability to analyse and interpret data.
  • Knowledge of SEO and SEM.
  • Ability to create effective advertising content.

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Google Ads specialist – how to become one?

A person wishing to become a Google Ads specialist should acquire skills related to internet marketing, as well as have knowledge of the technologies and tools used in online advertising. In order to acquire the right competences, we recommend completing the online training courses offered by Google (e.g. Skillshop) and then getting hired as a junior to gain the necessary experience.

What certifications should you have as a Google Ads specialist?

The most important certifications for Google Ads specialists:

  • google Ads certificate in search network advertising,
  • google Ads certification in search network advertising,
  • google Ads certificate for video advertising
  • google Ads certification for product advertising
  • google Ads certificate for application advertising.

Please see below for details.

Google Ads certificate from search network advertising


The first stage with which most professionals start their Google Ads ‘adventure’. This is the certification in advertising on the search network, which helps you to understand how advertising in this area works.

Google Ads certification in search network advertising


Certificate on display advertising. This is an important tool to help you understand how display ads work and how best to use them.

Google Ads certificate on video advertising


Tests the ability to create and optimise video campaigns on sites such as YouTube and Google Video. Not only technical knowledge is important, but also skilful storytelling that encourages users to explore your offer.

Google Ads certificate with product ads


Relates to product ads in Google Merchant Center. Helps you understand how product advertising works and how you can use it in your marketing strategy.

Google Ads certificate with application advertising


Helps you understand how to advertise mobile apps in Google Ads. Provides information on best practices for creating ad campaigns for mobile apps.

Google Ads certificate on measuring ad performance


Refers to the measurement of advertising effectiveness. Every advertising campaign that takes place online is verifiable in terms of its effectiveness (e.g. in acquiring leads). The success of Google Ads is also measured by specific ratios.

Google Ads specialist – salaries [current rates]

The average salary of a Google Ads specialist in Poland depends on a number of factors, such as location, industry or level of experience. According to various sources, the average salary of a Google Ads Specialist in Poland is from 67 392 PLN to 92 968 PLN per year. This gives a net salary of between PLN 5 616 and PLN 7 747 on an employment contract.


Factors influencing the salary of a Google Ads specialist

Factors influencing the salary of a Google Ads specialist include:

  • location – in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw salaries are higher than in other parts of Poland i.e. Białystok Poznan or Zabrze;
  • industry – in the medical and financial sector, salaries may be much more attractive than in other sectors (e.g. e-commerce), although this is not the rule;
  • level of experience – senior Google Ads specialists tend to earn the most (at SEOgroup above PLN 10,000 net per month).

However, it should be remembered that in most cases the best earners are the so-called freelancers (freelancers). If a given Google Ads specialist is at an advanced level and has more than 5-7 years of professional experience, he or she can earn even a dozen or several dozen thousand PLN net per month. This is especially true if they find foreign clients and work ‘on their own’.

Turning to the realities of our market, the Useme portal’s statistics show that the average earnings of freelancers on the Polish market continue to rise, and the threshold of Google Ads specialists earning more than PLN 5,000 net per month has increased over the past year by 45%.

Interestingly – the most sought-after freelance jobs in Poland are copywriting and social media marketing. Google Ads specialists working in SEO/SEM are only less than 4% of those involved in so-called freelancing.


If you are about to start your adventure in Google Ads – now is the perfect time – you can get ahead quickly and earn a lot. A matter of desire, hard work and professional aptitude.

Career paths as a Google Ads specialist [5 examples]

The prospects for growth as a Google Ads specialist are varied. Those in charge of AdWords campaigns can be promoted to a number of interesting positions after a few years of work, depending on the goals and objectives of the company in question, including:

  1. Online advertising manager is responsible for managing a team of specialists responsible for online advertising and coordinates marketing activities. His or her task is also to create advertising strategies and analyse the results of advertising campaigns.
  2. Marketing team manager – is responsible for the overall marketing strategy of the company. He coordinates the team’s activities, creates marketing strategies and supervises advertising campaigns in the Google Ads tool (formerly AdWords).
  3. Marketing director – manages all departments responsible for marketing in the company (including the work of graphic designers, copywriters and web developers). He or she is responsible for setting marketing budgets, analysing the results of marketing activities and ‘delivering’ projects to completion (including results).
  4. Specialist in web analytics usually deals with the analysis of data on user behaviour on the Internet. This allows Google Ads campaigns to be further optimised.
  5. Internet advertising consultant – advises businesses on advertising strategies and campaign optimisation in Google Ads.

FAQ – most common questions and answers [Google Ads Specialist]

What are the most common questions and answers about Google Ads specialists?

Who is a Google Ads specialist?

A Google Ads specialist is the person responsible for creating Google ads on the search network, YouTube and partner sites. He or she carefully analyses what the ads should look like and decides on their form. He or she determines the duration of the campaign, the locations and the devices on which the adverts are displayed.

How much does a Google Ads specialist earn?

The salary of a Google Ads specialist depends on a number of factors, such as experience, level of knowledge, reputation of the internet marketing agency and type of contract. The average basic salary on an employment contract ranges from PLN 5,616 to PLN 7,747 net.

How do you become a Google Ads specialist?

To become a Google Ads specialist, it is advisable to become Google Ads certified to prove your knowledge and skills in this area. There are various online courses and trainings that prepare you to pass the certification exam. It is also worth keeping up to date with industry trends and news to expand your knowledge.

What is the difference between a Google Ads specialist and an SEO specialist?

A Google Ads specialist deals with the creation of ads on Google, while an SEO specialist optimises websites for search engines. In their work, SEO specialists use, among other things, keywords and internal links to increase the visibility of a website in search results. Everything happens within the organic (free) traffic. Google Ads campaigns involve the generation of paid traffic.

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