Google Ads Agency – what is it and what does it do?

Successfully advertising a service company or e-commerce shop in paid search results is quite a challenge – even for professionals who have been in the industry for several years. Doing it yourself can be considerably more expensive and less effective compared to setting up campaigns by professionals. If you are looking for the right entity to skilfully advertise your business in the paid results – an AdWords agency would be an excellent choice. In this article, we will discuss what a Google Ads agency is and what it actually does. We will also point out the advantages of working with such entities and give you tips on how to choose a company to advertise online! Enjoy your reading.

What is a Google Ads agency?

A Google Ads Agency is a professional company specialising in the management of advertising campaigns within the Google Ads advertising platform.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an advertising system offered by Google that enables companies and marketers to promote their products and services through various forms of advertising in search results, on partner sites, on the YouTube platform or in mobile applications.

Google Ads agencies act as third-party partners to help companies plan, create and optimise effective advertising campaigns. Their main goal is to maximise results by increasing brand visibility, generating website traffic, increasing conversions and achieving higher profits.

Google Ads agency – scope of services

Scope of services provided by Google Ads agencies:

Planning the advertising strategy

Google Ads agencies analyse the client’s objectives and requirements, as well as researching the target group and the competition. Based on this information, they develop a comprehensive advertising strategy to achieve maximum results.

Creation and optimisation of advertising campaigns

The agencies create campaigns tailored to the client’s specific objectives. They design effective text, graphic and video advertisements. They also optimise campaigns to increase the effectiveness of the ads and get better results.

Image 1. Creating a Google Ads campaign

Campaign performance monitoring and analysis

Agencies continuously monitor campaign performance by analysing key metrics such as clicks, conversions, cost per click (CPC) or cost per acquisition (CPA). This enables them to track the effectiveness of ads and take appropriate corrective action.

Campaign optimisation and improvement

On the basis of data analysis, agencies take optimisation measures. They make changes to ad content, keywords and targeting settings in order to maximise campaign profitability.

Competitor research and market analysis

Agencies track competitor activities and analyse market trends. Based on this information, they can adjust their advertising strategy ahead of the competition.

Image 2. Google competition verification from the footwear industry

Reporting and analysis

Google Ads agencies provide clients with regular reports containing information on campaign performance, spend, ad effectiveness and other relevant data. These help clients understand campaign performance.

Research and use of advertising tools

Agencies are knowledgeable about the latest tools and features available in Google Ads. They use advanced advertising features such as remarketing, dynamic campaigns, ad extensions and integrations with other platforms to achieve better advertising results.

Google Ads agency – why use their services?

The main benefits of working with a professional Google Ads agency:

  • Specialised knowledge and experience – Google Ads agencies have highly qualified professionals with expertise and experience in online advertising. They are deeply familiar with the AdWords platform and have considerable knowledge of how advertising tools work and best practices related to paid search.
  • Effective advertising strategy – the professionals employed at Google Ads agencies help to develop an effective advertising strategy that is tailored to the specific business objectives of the client in question. With an in-depth understanding of the target audience and the competition, they are able to suggest optimal advertising tactics to attract the attention of potential customers.
  • Campaign optimisation – agencies monitor and optimise advertising campaigns in real time. By continuously analysing results and adjusting advertising strategies, the specialists working at Google Ads agencies are able to monitor the effectiveness of ads, increase conversion rates and achieve better results at lower costs.
  • Competitor research and market analysis – agencies track competitor activities and analyse market trends, allowing clients to better understand their place in the market and choose the right direction for their advertising strategy. This helps to stay ahead of the competition and reach potential customers more effectively.
  • Access to advanced analytical tools – agencies have access to advanced tools to help analyse campaign performance. This makes the study of conversions and other activities on the website (e.g. actions performed by users) faster and far more accurate.

Creating paid campaigns with the help of a Google Ads agency involves, above all, a high level of effectiveness. Professionals know how to set up a campaign so that it brings the highest possible returns with the minimum investment. If you are considering choosing a specific company – check out SEOgroup’s offer. Our team remains at your disposal.

What tools does each Google Ads agency use?

Google Ads agencies use a variety of tools to help them manage their advertising campaigns. Below are the most popular ones.

Google Ads Editor

Image 3. The look and feel of Google Ads Editor

A free tool offered by Google that allows agencies to manage offline advertising campaigns. With Google Ads Editor it is easy to edit, create and optimise advertising campaigns on a larger scale. This saves time and streamlines the management process.

Google Analytics 4

Image 4 Google Analytics 4 appearance

An analytics tool used by agencies to track and analyse website data. The integration of Google Ads with Google Analytics 4 enables, among other things:

  • better understand user behaviour,
  • examining conversions,
  • verification of campaign effectiveness.

Keyword research tools

Image 5. Example of a keyword research tool – Senuto. Source:

Agencies using keyword research include:

  • SEMrush,
  • Moz Keyword Explorer,
  • Senuto.

This enables them to effectively identify relevant keywords with outstanding sales potential.

Competitor monitoring tools

Image 6. An effective tool for competitor verification – SEMrush. Source:

Monitoring of competitors’ activities is made possible by, among others:

  • SpyFu,
  • SEMrush,
  • SimilarWeb.

With their help, Google Ads agencies can identify competitors’ strategies, study market trends and adjust their advertising campaigns based on the information collected.

Remarketing tools

Remarketing is an important element of advertising campaigns. Agencies use remarketing tools in Google Ads (e.g. remarketing lists, dynamic remarketing, YouTube remarketing) to reach users who have previously visited a client’s website.

How do I find the right Google Ads agency?

To find the right Google Ads agency, there are a few key factors to consider, such as:

  1. Experience and specialisation – check how long the agency has been in business and whether it has experience in the area of online advertising and Google Ads. Get an idea of whether the agency specialises in an area that aligns with your business needs.
  2. Testimonials and client reviews – read feedback and reviews from clients who have used the agency’s services. You can ask the agency for client testimonials and ask them about their experience of managing Google Ads campaigns.
  3. Portfolio and case study – pay attention to the agency’s portfolio and see what results they have achieved for their clients in the past. Review their case studies to see what strategies they have used and what results they have achieved.
  4. Specialisations and certifications – make sure the agency has Google Ads certifications and accreditations. Certifications (e.g. Google Ads Certified Partner) demonstrate the agency’s knowledge and skills in managing Google Ads campaigns.
  5. Tool availability and reporting – ask the agency what tools and technologies they use to manage Google Ads campaigns. Make sure they have access to advanced analytics tools and can provide regular reports on campaign performance.

When choosing a Google Ads agency, it is advisable to interview at least 3-5 different companies, get feedback from internet users and additionally compare offers and costs. It is additionally important to establish a good contact with the agency, have confidence in it and appreciate its professionalism and knowledge.

The role of a Google Ads agency as your partner in effective online advertising – summary

A Google Ads agency is certainly a valuable partner for effective online advertising of your business. With many years of experience in campaign optimisation and access to advanced analytical tools, the professionals will effectively help you to create effective advertising strategies and achieve better business results (e.g. in the form of increased conversion rates). The agency’s individual approach and specialisation allows it to tailor individual activities to individual needs, as well as to the client’s advertising objectives.

Are you interested in scaling up your e-commerce or service company? Then don’t wait – arrange a free consultation with SEOgroup specialists and choose professionals who will effectively promote your offer in paid search results.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions and answers [Google Ads Agency]

Here are the most common questions and answers about Google Ads agencies.

1. How much does it cost to work with a Google Ads agency?

The cost of working with a Google Ads agency can vary depending on several factors, such as the scope of services, the scale of the ad campaigns and the level of agency involvement. Pricing is usually based on a fixed monthly fee, a commission on advertising spend or a combination of both models.

2. Why start working with a Google Ads agency?

Working with a Google Ads agency can bring numerous benefits to your business. Agencies specialising in Google Ads have knowledge and experience in optimising advertising campaigns. This results in better results and greater effectiveness of promotional activities. Agencies also have access to advanced tools for professional analytics that can help you monitor and optimise your campaigns. The support of an agency will save you time and effort in managing your ads, allowing you to focus on other aspects of running your business.

3. How long do I have to work with a Google Ads agency?

The length of time you work with a Google Ads agency can vary and depends on your individual needs and advertising objectives. In some cases, cooperation may be short-term, (e.g. for a specific promotional campaign). However, long-term campaigns are the most popular – for example in the case of promoting products for e-commerce shops. Then, the period of cooperation is not shorter than 12-16 months.

4. What range of services do Google Ads agencies offer?

Google Ads agencies offer a wide range of services related to advertising within the Google Ads platform. They can help with creating an advertising strategy, optimising campaigns, competitor research, managing advertising budgets, creating and testing text or image ads, analysing data and reporting results. The range of services can vary from agency to agency, so it’s worth looking at the specialisms and skills of a particular agency before you start working with them.

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