The term remarketing refers to the running of paid advertising activities through Google Ads and Google Adsense services. The term itself refers to a type of campaign that targets specific web users. This is because remarketing ads are displayed to people who have already visited our website (and are therefore interested in at least its subject matter).

This is the same as storing cookies in their browser, which are then used to create so-called remarketing lists. It is on the basis of these that specific recipients are selected and tailored advertisements are displayed in search results or on Google partner portals using the Google Adsense advertising network services.

Adverts prepared for this type of campaign usually take the form of banners or short videos. The length of time for which they may follow a particular user depends on the strategy and assumptions made.

In the case of certain products, such as shoes, a remarketing campaign is usually set up for several consecutive days. When it is about more expensive items and services that are not needed ‘for now’ (such as a car or an expensive trip), activities can be spread over many weeks or even months.

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