An extension of the acronym KPI is Key Performance Indicatorswhich in Polish simply means Key Performance Indicators. Nowadays, it is difficult to speak of well-functioning businesses, projects or initiatives if they do not set their own KPIs. The essence of these indicators is that they are measurable, so they will always take on numerical values. Their use allows the effectiveness of specific activities and actions to be assessed, as well as their cost-effectiveness.

In the case of online marketing, KPIs may relate to issues such as:

  • traffic (including individual channels),
  • conversions
  • rejection rates
  • session time,
  • number of items sold,
  • profits achieved,
  • number of newsletter subscribers,
  • acquisition of leads.

It is important to remember that working with indicators does not end once they are set. KPIs should be constantly monitored, analysed and improved. Due to the frequently changing trends governing the Internet, this is particularly important for online activities.

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