Gamification is a method of conducting activities, the idea of which is to adapt principles and elements of game mechanics (both computer games and role-playing games – RPG) to the circumstances of the real world. Gamification – as it is also known – is used in education, training, the workplace, sports and, most importantly, marketing, including online marketing.
The aim of using this technique is to increase the involvement of the participants taking part in the ‘game’: pupils, students, employees or customers. Thanks to their attractive form, even seemingly uninteresting projects, situations, activities or products can attract considerable interest.

Each gamification should contain at least several elements:

  • tasks, missions or adventures;
  • an increase in the level of difficulty of subsequent challenges;
  • a marker to help the participant know what stage of the game they are currently at;
  • a points system;
  • opportunities for cooperation and competition;

Depending on the author’s specific objective, the game can be enriched with other, more or less sophisticated solutions.

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