Sponsored links


Take advantage of advertising on Internet search engines in the form of sponsored links offered by Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo Network and Yandex.Direct. These are the most effective and cheapest form of online advertising. They appear in the form of content above organic search results or on the right-hand side as a sponsored link, depending on the keyword entered by the user.


We will create the most relevant list of keywords that will make your advertisement reach only those persons who are interested. In this way, we will help you attract the attention of customers.


Messages sent by a search engine are matched to the needs of each user. Sponsored links provide a quick answer to a question asked by a consumer. They also implement four of the five stages of the purchase cycle (interest, consideration, purchase, loyalty). The first stage – awareness – is implemented very well by the advertising network.


See immediate effects that are guaranteed by our specialists by their optimisation of the conversion rate through PPC activities. Reach consumers in multiple markets using Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo Network or Yandex.Direct.

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